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Those who don’t invest will repent monstrously – DeFi cryptocurrencies appreciated up to 10.822% in 2021

There is a way to invest in DeFi cryptocurrencies starting at $100, without changing the way you file income tax and without needing digital wallets; understand

Bitcoin has valued 12,518% in the last 5 years, making those who bet on the main cryptocurrency in the world to accumulate a millionaire patrimony. To give you an idea, whoever invested R$1,000 in BTC back there, on August 6, 2016, would have around R$126,180 tax-free today, according to quotes from Google Finance. And, with an investment of R$15,000, it would have been possible to reach the amount of R$1 million.

And anyone who thinks that the opportunity to make money with bitcoin has passed is wrong. After three months in the negative, the cryptocurrency rose again at the end of July and reached 10 consecutive days of high. Recently, it also reached again the level of US$ 50 thousand, which it had not reached since May this year.

However, despite having resumed losses, the main cryptocurrency has lagged behind when compared to other digital assets. After more than 13 years “reigning alone”, bitcoin is now giving way to another class of digital assets. It was responsible for delivering up to 10.822% appreciation in 2021 and can go even further, with the ability to overcome any upside that bitcoin has delivered since its inception.

I’m talking about DeFi cryptocurrencies, digital assets linked to the universe of decentralized finance. Bitcoin has been on the flip side since the emergence of this class of cryptocurrencies, since in addition to offering a high potential for appreciation, it is providing a true revolution in the financial market.

No wonder, from January to August of this year, the most explosive returns among digital asset classes all came from 20 DeFi cryptocurrencies.

Unlike bitcoin, which was seen as a marginal investment for many years before reaching impressive valuations, DeFi quickly fell on investors’ radar.

Unlike bitcoin, which was seen as a marginal investment for many years before reaching impressive valuations, DeFi quickly fell on investors’ radar.
André Franco, elected by CoinTelegraph as one of the most influential cryptanalysts in Brazil, believes so much in the growth of this sector that he recently contributed the sum of R$100,000, betting on the potential for appreciation of DeFi cryptocurrencies.

In his opinion, those who are left out are simply ignoring the huge potential returns to the portfolio in the coming years.

“Ignoring the potential of DeFi cryptocurrencies is like leaving money on the table”

Year after year, the financial system finds ways to simplify and modernize the way we do transactions. We’ve recently seen this happen with the creation of PIX, an instant payment method that replaced operations like TED and DOC. And you may not know it yet, but DeFi cryptocurrencies came with the same purpose: to make your financial life easier and more practical.

Loan payments until recently were only available at established financial institutions and banks. But the introduction of Blockchain technology totally revolutionized this scenario. Today, decentralized finance makes it possible to reproduce financial system services without the need for intermediation.

This is only possible because the DeFi ecosystem is focused on Ethereum. Unlike bitcoin, this digital currency not only allows financial transactions, it also facilitates the development of decentralized applications. It currently processes billions of transactions every day without any company having to certify them.

That’s why DeFi cryptocurrencies have a huge growth horizon ahead of them, and they shouldn’t stop appreciating anytime soon. In Franco’s analysis, “we have before us an incredible opportunity to seek our fortune in a way that no other investment can provide.”

And don’t think that what I’m saying here is just sensationalism. With a brief survey you will reach the same conclusion, as each year the list of companies that use Blockchain technology and benefit from decentralized finance only grows.

Blockchain technology has the ability to make organizations more transparent, democratic, decentralized, efficient and secure, in order to prevent fraud. Therefore, it is likely that it will impact different sectors of the economy in the coming years. And if you’ve become interested in this new digital asset class and want to take advantage of the earnings potential it offers, I have good news for you.

Vitreo, a manager with more than R$12 billion of assets under custody, created not just one, but four solutions to profit from these technologies. I’m talking about investment funds that bring together the assets with the greatest profit potential in the cryptomarket: bitcoin, Blockchain and DeFi cryptocurrencies.

And why investment funds? That’s what you might be wondering… As you’ll see later, investing in cryptocurrencies not long ago involved a bureaucratic process that often generated huge losses. But thanks to solutions like Vitreo’s, it is now possible for anyone to invest and earn money in this market.

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