What is a cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies. Therefore, they do not exist physically, but only in a virtual environment. Currently, there are about three thousand different cryptocurrencies. Although each cryptocurrency has a different design, they all pursue the same goal: to improve the security and efficiency of the exchange of financial assets and to democratize the distribution and production of money around the world.

Need to know when to buy or sell?

Generally speaking, the ideal time to invest in a cryptocurrency might be when the price is approaching a local minimum. That way, when the price reaches a local peak, your sale will generate profits. It’s not that simple, so there are plenty of other ways to look at the right time to sell and buy. In the tool below, you can calculate conversion values between the main currencies, which can help you to decide.

Crypto Converter

Which cryptocurrency should i buy?

Commonly, if you are looking just for the money, you have to analyze the currency’s price history and thus decide when to buy or sell. In other side, you can search for the currency project and buy the one whose project makes your eyes sparkle.

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