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Bitcoin tourism: see who already accepts virtual currency

The way of tourism has changed drastically in the last ten years. Nowadays, we find alternatives that facilitate and promote new experiences for the traveler, including in the commercial relationships that involve the segment.

The use of cash is an unacceptable practice nowadays, both for practicality and for security reasons. And paper has long been replaced by credit cards and virtual financial transaction systems like PayPal.

However, those who want to stay on top of tourism news need to dig a little deeper into this issue and then create their virtual wallet. After all, the new wave, even when traveling, is to pay for everything in bitcoins.

How to do bitcoin tourism?

This form of virtual currency, also called cryptocurrency, has taken over the world. As it is decentralized, payments are not linked to any bank, government or regulatory entity. Bitcoin movement is free of ballast.

In general, the money is completely yours, without interference from third parties, and can be used in any way you want, including the payment of your tourism expenses.

Although cryptocurrency is an evolving market, emerging countries still has a small number of establishments that accept bitcoin. But, in the rest of the world, this system is already accepted in countless companies and commercial transactions.

The advantages of using virtual currency in tourism are many, the main ones being:

transactions are faster than other digital media, such as TED, for example;
because it is decentralized, the use of bitcoin is safer, as it does not depend on the security system of a financial institution;
it is possible to send bitcoins to anyone, anywhere in the world, without having to wait for “working days”;
purchases and identities of virtual currency users are preserved, as cryptocurrency addresses are not associated with personal data;
With bitcoin it is possible to sell and buy numerous products online or at physical agencies, even avoiding the fees of credit card companies.

Where to use cryptocurrencies?

Many virtual establishments and services already accept the receipt of bitcoins. If you want to travel and pay for everything – or almost everything – in cryptocurrencies, know that it’s possible. And for that, you don’t even have to go that far.

In Salvador, right in Pelourinho, the tourism agency Bahia Ticket has a differentiated relationship with its clients. She sells bitcoin tour packages. In addition to selling tickets and tours, the company offers facilities for those who want to pay with this new currency.

For those who want to walk around Pernambuco, there are plenty of options for those who want to use virtual currency as a means of payment. There, there are more than 80 commercial establishments linked to the tourism sector that accept cryptocurrency. Among stores, bars and gas stations, even Pernambuco taxi drivers are already paid in bitcoins.

In Brazil, e.g., some inns and hotels also accept payment with virtual currency, such as Hostel Giramundo, in São Paulo, and Pousada Luzes de Geribá, in Búzios.

Bitcoin tourism around the world

If you are in Spain and want to take a tour of the Real Madrid stadium, payment for this tour can be done in bitcoin. The club also entered this new wave, becoming the first to accept cryptocurrency within Europe.

Besides him, other international companies have already joined this new way of acquiring products and services. Expedia, one of the largest travel sites in the world, and Microsoft, which accepts bitcoins on Windows and Xbox sales, are just a few examples.

Want to use your cryptocurrencies for tourism, but don’t know where bitcoins are accepted? Do not worry. TagCity tells you where to use that currency. It is an application that shows locations around the world that receive bitcoin, or other virtual currencies, as a form of payment.

Have you ever used bitcoin on your travels or are you thinking of accepting the currency in your company’s tourist transactions? Share your experiences and questions in the comments and let’s continue this chat.

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