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How to travel around the world using bitcoins

Many people, especially those who are experts at stamping passports, know that traveling around the world doesn’t always have a positive side.

One of the main difficulties for travelers is the issue of exchange rates. With dozens of different currencies existing on the planet, knowing the price of each one and trying to get the best price is not always a simple task: imagine buying rupiahs in Brazil? Or baht? And some dram notes, have you tried?

You will need to know them if you ever wanted to visit India, Thailand or Armenia respectively.

But what if someone could have access to a currency that would eliminate this problem and could be used around the world, anytime and with maximum security? With bitcoin, this is possible. Because it is a decentralized digital currency that can be used anywhere in the world in a matter of minutes. And that, due to its nature of being across national borders, it can be used to cover various expenses on your travels!

Even with the problems and doubts surrounding bitcoin’s scalability, the high fees charged by the network and the high number of transaction congestion – which is close to being resolved now that the SegWit implementation has already been approved – the advantages that cryptocurrency have are undeniable. started to offer in terms of international mobility.

Discover some areas where you can use bitcoin and purchase products and services.

air travel

It is possible to use bitcoins to pay for air travel around the world. Through specific websites, such as BTCTrip and ABitSky, it is possible to buy snippets using digital currency.

In 2014, a Spanish travel agency called Destinia began offering discounts to passengers who paid for their travel using cryptocurrency. The company even operates in Venezuela, where it only accepts cryptocurrency as a means of payment, due to the disintegration of the local currency, the bolivar.


Although the most popular home and room rental app (Airbnb) does not yet accept bitcoins, it is possible to get hosting using the currency through other companies. One of them is the same Destinia from the previous topic, which also offers hotel reservations using bitcoin. Another site that offers this service is, which serves people who want to stay in the United States. The latter started to accept bitcoin as a means of payment in 2014.


Those who want to rent a car when they arrive at their destination can also do so using bitcoins. Several agencies already offer the service for car rental, such as CheapAir and Destinia.

sailing with bitcoins

If you’re the more adventurous type, who prefers to travel by sea rather than air, you can also benefit from using bitcoins on your trip. BitPremier company specializes in selling luxury yachts and accepts currency as a form of payment. There’s only one problem: you need to have a LOT of money in your pocket, as a company’s yacht can cost up to 5 THOUSAND BITCOINS (something around 6 and a half million dollars at the current price).

If your pocket is not that big, you can choose to rent a boat instead of buying one. Denison Yatch Sales offers this option for “modest” 20 btc – around $26,000.

Purchase of gift cards

This is one of the most popular ways to use bitcoin. The website is a reference when it comes to gift certificates. Through it, you can use bitcoins, load a voucher with the amount you want, and then spend it in various stores and establishments around the world, such as Adidas, Burger King and Starbucks.

ATM withdrawals

Of course, there are places where having a credit card won’t do you much good. And even in these cases, having bitcoins will be of enormous help.
According to the CoinATMRadar website, a tool that locates bitcoin ATMs (or BTMs, for its acronym in English), there are 1140 of them spread across 57 countries. Through the cashiers it is possible to convert your bitcoins directly into local currency, and thus be able to spend in places where your credit card is not accepted.

buy travel equipment

On a trip, it is common for unforeseen events or the possibility of new adventures and explorations. At these times it is essential to have separate money for the purchase of suitable equipment.

The website allows you to purchase discounted products on the Amazon platform, through the process of placing the products on the website’s wish list and then importing them onto the Purse platform with the discount.

The service is ideal for those who want to be prepared and buy such items before making the trip.

Have you ever shopped with bitcoins and used any other service? Which? Leave it here in the comments and share it with us!

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